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We help busy men and women overhaul their health & fitness using a combination of tailored exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset systems that are holistic and sustainable forever so they can…

✓ Feel confident and attractive around their friends, family, and out in public
✓ Feel full of energy throughout the day
✓ Fit into the clothes they want to wear
✓ Stop worrying about getting diseases and dying young
✓ Do day-to-day activities without getting out of breath and tired such as playing with their children
​✓ Add 10+ years of healthy living to their retirement

Without having to….

✓ Starve themselves – No diets!
✓ Count calories or weigh foods
✓ Give up the foods they enjoy
✓ Spend hours cooking or exercising
✓ Share a gym with others


Alvin sanoria

“I thought I was happy with my fitness and body shape and only really took up Training so my wife had someone doing it with her. I soon came to love working out. I have since lost 10.7kg and noticed more mobility and less joint pain as I have been progressing through the workouts. I always relied on team sports to maintain my fitness and having stopped playing a few years ago I had slowly blown out. While ezdayfitness workouts are individual effort, having the online community has made it feel like a team environment.”

edcel dasok

“Ezdayfitness training and nutrition has been a major shift in the way I approach life. Not just my physical wellbeing but also my mental state. I want to be happier and more successful in life, so it has been important to fight the brain’s natural tendency to focus on the negative. Instead, I have tried looking at the world through a positive, self-compassionate mindset. Also shifting to a more positive mindset has helped me become more productive by replacing my belief in my strengths with belief in my efforts and replacing self-criticism with self-compassion.”


Jay was reading about fitness on a brochure. He was in a burger house eating a greasy burger and fries. He was only in his mid twenties and had lost all hope to get a defined physique. He came to us with a deposit for the challenge knowing that he may change his mind to participate the next day.  Met him in the local gym and we starting training out together. It was tough journey through out that year. He proved that he can be able to transform his body without us constantly supervising him. He later competed to  National Physique Committee  for the first time and won 2nd place. He did a great job in transforming his body and his lifestyle.


Powerful Tips to Boost Muscle Growth

In broad terms, we can categorize exercises into two groups: compound and isolation exercises. Compound exercises involve multiple joints and muscle groups. Examples are squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, pull-ups, and rows. Isolation exercises involve only one joint and target one primary muscle group. Examples are bicep curls, leg extensions, tricep pushdowns, and lateral raises. Now, if you want to optimize muscle growth, you should focus on compound exercises. That’s because Compound exercises stimulate a more substantial amount of muscle mass. During a squat, for example, you activate over 200 muscles. To train the same amount of mass with isolation exercises, you’d need to perform many different movements.


Here’s what to do:

When you work out, use primarily compound exercises. While there’s no optimal ratio to aim for, a good guideline is to use compound exercises for at least 70% of your sets.

Out With The Old,
In With The New !

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